Airline Fares

How to get a cheap flight

Quite a number of budget Air travelers, also known as ‘Visiting Family and Relatives (VFR) would love to have the opportunity of buying a discounted fare popularly known as cheap ticket. If you belong to this category all you need do is:

  1. Plan your trip well in advance, say a month or 2, for domestic travel and 2 to 3 months for international
  2. Shop around to get a fare suitable for your budget, by visiting Airlines websites, Travel Agents or travel aggregators websites.
  3.  Check the restrictions and rules of the ticket as some discounted tickets has certain rules like NOT REFUNDABLE, CHANGES NOT PERMITTED, NOT ENDORSABLE’ etc. , if possible, have the Airline Agent send you a soft copy as evidence. It can be extremely frustrating to miss your flight and realized that you have to forfeit the ticket (money) due to the restrictions or fares rules also known as “fencing” on the ticket.
  4. If it is an international trip, ensure that other travel documents like the visa, travel certificate, passport, travel cards, resident permit, e are ready, depending on the country’s travel requirements.
  5. When the above conditions have been fulfilled, you can then purchase the ticket and finally prepare to take the trip.
  6. Sort out your travel documents Few days to your flight and have them handy

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