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Easy Steps To Reschedule Your Flight Ticket And Save Cost.

Do you know you can save extra cost on flight tickets when you decide not to travel on a confirmed flight?

Airlines make more revenue on flight tickets, one of which is through fees and charges known as NOSHOW charge.

Now, the fees for international flights are charged in major currencies like Dollars or Euros. It ranges from 50-250 Dollars or Euros depending on if it is a cheap flight ticket, for instance, a promotional ticket, discounted tickets on economy cabin or first class and business class tickets. It may also depend on the Airline, the route and the fare rules on such class.

While for domestic flights in Nigeria, the fees vary between 2,000-7,500 Naira, depending on the Airline and class of booking/travel (Business or Economy).

Noshow occurs when a passenger with a confirmed seat on a flight, fails to check-in and board the flight, without a prior notification to the Airline to cancel the seat before flight departure and the penalty as a result of Noshow is known as Noshow fee.

Airlines claim there is a revenue loss for flying the seat empty, a term referred to as Spoilage, which is the reason for the fees charged.

Therefore you can avoid this charge and save extra cost by simply doing these;

1 Log on to the Airline’s website and cancel the seat, by entering your details on the “manage my booking” section. Do this before flight departure date. You can also rebook for a new date early enough, say 2-3 weeks, to avoid last minute hikes in charges


2. Call the Airline’s call centre to cancel the seat before flight departure date and rebook for a new date.

3. Contact your travel Agent to cancel, if purchase through the Agent.

We hope this tip is helpful.

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