Emergency Exit Seat

Emergency exit Seat

Emergency Exit seat are seat(s) located by the exit doors of an airplane. A number of passengers like to occupy the seats due to extra legroom which adds to the comfort when seated on these seats. Sadly, there are categories of passengers who are not allowed to be seated on the emergency exit seat. Such passengers are:

  • Pregnant woman
  • A Mother with infant
  • Children under 15 years of age
  • Unaccompanied minor (UM)
  • Passenger with mobility challenge or wheelchair passenger
  • Passenger with weight issues and lack agility
  • Sick passenger
  • Passenger with hearing impairment
  • Passenger with speech issue
  • Unruly passenger
  • Passenger who is unwilling to assist
  • passenger who does not understand the language of the crew
  • passenger who is unwilling to adhere to the crew’s instruction

Someone may be wondering why the exclusions, the reason is that occupying those seats come with safety responsibilities arising in an emergency situation where passengers seated on those seats much be willing to take instructions from the Cabin crew in order to render assistance to fellow passengers. So when next you are seated on such seat, you may not only be enjoying the comfort but have assumed a responsibility to assist others should the need arise (God forbids such need).

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My flight and Traffic wahala

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Congested cities are synonymous with traffic, most especially where there are infrastructural deficit. So if you live in a place like Lagos, meeting up with your appointments can be quite challenging due to heavy traffic jams.

So you have a flight to catch, here’s what to do to help plan, manage your time and ensure you do not miss the flight.

Note for departures from MMA2 (Murtala Mohammed domestic terminal 2, Lagos), you may need to validate your boarding pass at the check-in counter.

  • do a web check-in at least 24 hours before flight departure
  • confirm when the check-in counter will close in case you have a luggage to check-in (note each airline may have different procedure)
  • know your baggage allowance and the cost for excess luggage ahead of time.
  • Print your boarding pass and have it handy (have a copy in your email)
  • check distance to the airport from your location
  • Before leaving for airport, get traffic update on the available routes, for a guide
  • If you do not have luggage for check-in, arrive the airport at least 20 minutes to your departure (for domestic and 1 hour for international flight) then proceed to the screening point. Ensure to confirm the flight’s boarding gate.
  • for check-in luggage, arrive the airport at least 45 minutes for local flights and 2 hours for international flight

Now you are seated waiting for take off. You see, it is easy. 😊

Bon voyage!!!

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How to get a cheap flight

Quite a number of budget Air travelers, also known as ‘Visiting Family and Relatives (VFR) would love to have the opportunity of buying a discounted fare popularly known as cheap ticket. If you belong to this category all you need do is:

  1. Plan your trip well in advance, say a month or 2, for domestic travel and 2 to 3 months for international
  2. Shop around to get a fare suitable for your budget, by visiting Airlines websites, Travel Agents or travel aggregators websites.
  3.  Check the restrictions and rules of the ticket as some discounted tickets has certain rules like NOT REFUNDABLE, CHANGES NOT PERMITTED, NOT ENDORSABLE’ etc. , if possible, have the Airline Agent send you a soft copy as evidence. It can be extremely frustrating to miss your flight and realized that you have to forfeit the ticket (money) due to the restrictions or fares rules also known as “fencing” on the ticket.
  4. If it is an international trip, ensure that other travel documents like the visa, travel certificate, passport, travel cards, resident permit, e are ready, depending on the country’s travel requirements.
  5. When the above conditions have been fulfilled, you can then purchase the ticket and finally prepare to take the trip.
  6. Sort out your travel documents Few days to your flight and have them handy