Tips To Keep You Safe While Flying During Covid-19 Pandemic

Safety Tips while flying during covid-19 pandemic

So much has happened during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Economic activities are gradually opening up but our lives has not returned back to normal and pending when we have a cure, we will be living the new-normal life.

Airline Fares

My flight and Traffic wahala

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Congested cities are synonymous with traffic, most especially where there are infrastructural deficit. So if you live in a place like Lagos, meeting up with your appointments can be quite challenging due to heavy traffic jams.

So you have a flight to catch, here’s what to do to help plan, manage your time and ensure you do not miss the flight.

Note for departures from MMA2 (Murtala Mohammed domestic terminal 2, Lagos), you may need to validate your boarding pass at the check-in counter.

  • do a web check-in at least 24 hours before flight departure
  • confirm when the check-in counter will close in case you have a luggage to check-in (note each airline may have different procedure)
  • know your baggage allowance and the cost for excess luggage ahead of time.
  • Print your boarding pass and have it handy (have a copy in your email)
  • check distance to the airport from your location
  • Before leaving for airport, get traffic update on the available routes, for a guide
  • If you do not have luggage for check-in, arrive the airport at least 20 minutes to your departure (for domestic and 1 hour for international flight) then proceed to the screening point. Ensure to confirm the flight’s boarding gate.
  • for check-in luggage, arrive the airport at least 45 minutes for local flights and 2 hours for international flight

Now you are seated waiting for take off. You see, it is easy. 😊

Bon voyage!!!